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Favorite Links

to other Christian related


  • World Christian Organization
  • 95+ Religious Org
  • Christianity Today
  • Christian Church
  • A Guide to Writing Church Homepages; Making your church page evangelistic - lots of ideas for outreach.
    Arabic Communications Center; Temple City, CA
    The Best Christian Links -
    Black Christian DOT Com - A Voice for the African American Community
    Camp Lebanon Baptist Camp, NJ
    Catholic Website - ( -The Magisterium of the Catholic Church - Catholics working for AMDG (Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam)
    Children's Book Publisher - Wood Publications; Oshawa, Ontario, Canada
    Christian Living Conference International; Billings, MT An international org. for the assistance of churches and brethren in developing nations with crusades, seminars and material/financial help as well. Bible school tuition; building construction; vehicles; convention expenses and more...
    Christian Mall - Products and services from over 650 Christian business storefronts in over 100 categories.
    Christian Missions Website - Southern Nazarene University; Bethany, OK
    Church Art Online - New Art Every Week - The world's largest Internet Library of top quality images designed especially for the church.
    Church Leader Internet Portal; Grand Rapids, MI - Low Prices on Church Products, Furniture, Equipment and more...Wirtz, VA
    Church - Bringing Your Church Online (How to build your church site)
    The Cyber Church - A division of Christian Witness Ministries
    Daystar University - Nairobi, Kenya (The largest Christian Liberal Arts College in Africa).
    Dunamis Youth Ministries (Caring First Assembly); St.Joseph, MO
    Free Christian E-Cards -
    Free Christian Wallpaper -
    Free Them Ministries, Inc.
    Gaither Music - (The Nashville Network)
    Gifts From the Holy Land -
    Got Life? - Evangelistic Resources Website
    Grace to You - Bible-Based Radio, Books, and Audiotapes is a Bible-teaching media ministry of John MacArthur; Sun Valley, CA USA
    HolyLand Records - Chants from the Holy Land - Special CDs Over 4 years of recordings from churches and monasteries throughout the Holy Land - Jerusalem, Israel
    Infocus Film Ministry - (Affiliated with Assemblies of God); Sonora, CA
    The Journal of Biblical Accuracy - Thessaloniki, Greece (English or Greek)
    Mother Teresa - A Tribute "Do Small Things With Great Love"
    MARK 16:20 MINISTRIES - A Holy Ghost & fire Ministry; Carlinville, IL
    National Church Directory - + Free Christian Internet Resources.
    Our Church DOT Com ("Free" Website Resources); Clearwater Florida USA
    Prayer Page Website - Let them help you pray for your special needs. - Church Supply Web shop (not-for-profit) called - We send 25% of the net profits from every purchase made back to the individual church the customer belongs to. Our site features Christian items like rosaries, Parton Saintitems, crosses, crucifixes, and gifts for the sacraments (Baptism, First Communion, Confirmation, and Marriage).
    Reaching For Life Radio Ministry
    SearchKing - IC Portal - Free Christian Directory
    Scientific Commentary of Genesis (Truth and Life Creationism)
    Traveler Church. Cyber Space. Its a 3D chat program with voice. Get the prog at:
    We hold a Christian Church Service every Sat night. The gospel is preached and songs are sung. Its a 3D voice chat program. But you do need the Traveler program to visit.
    Veggie Tales On The Web
    Victory Network (The Kings Cross) - An Outreach Missions and Faith Ministry
    Vine and Branches - A prayer ministry tool

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