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About Us

Apostle Wilford & Annie Dilbert Founders of Mision Casa De Dios (House Of God)

Apostle Wilford Dilbert Sr. started to preach when he was 19 years old in a village of Honduras named Corozal. He lived in La ceiba Honduras, and from there would travel by bike to the village where he would preach and pass out tracts.

In 1962 he served in every department of the church, and in 1963 he was named as the territorial supervisor, after serving as the Sunday School Superintendent.

In 1972, he moved to the United States where he took exams, after much studying, prayer, hard work and sacrifice, he obtained the highest rank in the ministry.

Apostle Dilbert was directed again to his country with a new ideas and a spirit to work. He returned to Honduras in 1977 and started preaching in the villages, towns and farmhouses. He started 17 churches and many accepted the Lord as their savior.

He passed away on the 3rd of February shortly after he returned from a beautiful service in Masica, Honduras with 15 youth. After his death the church has flourished more.

The ministry was carried on by his wife Annie K Dilbert and son. Wilford until Annie passed away on July 9th 1999.

The ministry continues strong under the guidance of Wilford and Dania Dilbert they have started 25 new churches for a total 42 churches for the glory of God.

Apostle Wilford & Dania Dilbert. 3 Children
Wilford III. (15) Dania Kaylene, (10) & William (5)

Wilford and Dania Dilbert has continued the work started by his father.and has a vision to win Honduras for Christ. They have 42 churches at this time and 48 pastors and ministers working under their ministry.

With the help of the Lord they will continue expanding the ministry around the country preaching, teaching, building churches etc.

The harvest is ripe people are hungry for the Gospel, please keep this ministry in prayers.


Wilford & Dania Dilbert

Board of Elders
Discipline Committee
District Pastors & Ministers, Evangelist
Associate Pastors
Local Elders
Sunday School Superintendent
Youth President. Etc.
Deacons Ushers

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